3 Overlooked Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Running Longer

If you are like most drivers, getting your vehicle serviced is not one of your top priorities. You already know that getting your oil changed at a quality domestic auto repair shop regularly is important to keep your car running optimally, but chances are you are neglecting some other essential maintenance tasks. This checklist of 3 crucial car maintenance items from Georgia Luxury Automotive will help you keep your car running longer.

Power Steering

Power steering is unfortunately one of those vehicle issues that drivers don’t think about until it’s too late. The fluid in your power steering picks up moisture and dirt, which can quickly clog up your steering system. When it is too clogged up, your power steering fails, which is especially scary when it happens while you’re out on the road. During your routine oil changes, make sure to check all of your fluids as well, including your power steering, so that you can drive with more peace of mind.

Tire Alignment

Regular tire alignment is something people often forget about completely. If your car is veering off to the left or to the right while coasting on the roadway, you will correct it of course, but you might not think of this as a big deal at all. However, you can never be too sure how your alignment got malfunctioning. It could be from something serious like from when you hit a pothole last week or when you drove over the curb last year. Whatever it is, improper alignment can be a serious safety hazard as well as cause your tires to wear down unevenly, which results in its own set of problems.

Cabin Air Filter

If you get a musty smell coming from your air conditioner every time you turn it on, or the air hardly comes out of the vent when the AC is on full blast, the problem might be your cabin air filter. Many people actually don’t know this but the air conditioner in your car has filters that need to be replaced just like your air conditioner at home. You can usually replace these yourself; just look up where they are located in your car’s user manual.

Protecting and taking good care of your car is imperative to be able to drive it around without fear of something happening that results in costly repairs. By taking care of these 3 key maintenance items, you can keep your car out of the domestic auto repair shop and on the road where it belongs.

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