How to Choose the Right Auto Body Shop

We understand that cars are important to our customers. Luxury car owners want to get the best care for their vehicles from someone that they can trust. When choosing an auto body shop, it’s important to select the right one. We recommend looking for the following 6 things when making this decision.


When a vehicle requires repairs, we understand the importance of taking care of it as soon as possible. Waiting to repair a vehicle could result in further damage to it. That’s why availability is important. When contacting a shop about using their services, an appointment can be helpful, but how soon is the next appointment? Having to wait to get the vehicle into the shop could have negative repercussions.


How long has the shop been in business? What kind of training did the mechanics undergo? Do they have experience working with the make and model of the vehicle? The last question is especially important when working with foreign vehicles. Make sure that the shop has the experience needed to maintain, diagnose, and repair the vehicle properly.


Will the shop stand behind their work? Look for a written warranty. How long will the warranty last? What does it cover? Read the fine print and know what to expect. Make sure that the work is covered by a warranty to provide peace of mind and protect the vehicle.


Reading reviews can be helpful to determine what to expect when choosing a shop. Better yet, talk to people and find out which places they would recommend. Word of mouth can be a great way to find a local place that people prefer to use.


How close is the shop to home or work? Is it convenient to stop there? Of course, the location of the shop can affect more than just the level of convenience. It can also impact the per hour labor charge. Different locations within a region could have different rates depending on the area. Shop around the area to determine what the rates are.


Speaking of rates, it’s helpful to get estimates from several different shops. Have them inspect the vehicle to determine what needs to be done. Then get a written estimate. Comparing estimates from several different locations will help car owners choose the best rates from the best place.

Selecting an auto body shop requires doing some research into several places. While considering these 6 things, take the time to stop by Georgia Luxury Automotive to find out how we can be the right shop for your vehicles.

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