Preventive Maintenance that Should Be Done on Your Car

Your car is what keeps you going places, and taking good care of it is essential. At Georgia Luxury Automotive, we have seen many good cars go bad due to improper maintenance. A qualified mechanic can help you take care of your car with the following preventive maintenance tips.

Get Regular Oil Changes

Regularly changing the oil in your car is the most important item of preventive maintenance you can do. Your engine will last longer with regular oil changes than with anything else.

Check and Change the Fluids

Not only should you change your oil regularly, but you should also change out the transmission and differential oils as well. These are often neglected, especially by homeowners who change their own oil.

Flush the Cooling System

You might not pay much attention to it but your cooling system takes a lot of abuse. Change the coolant and flush the entire system once per year to prevent buildup from damage.

Go through the Car Wash

Many people don’t know that regular car washes helps cars run better as well as look shinier. Imagine all of the things you run over. Now imagine these things getting stuck to the underside of your car and getting into the mechanisms of your vehicle, because they can and they will.

Grease All Moving Parts

All mechanisms and gears that have moving parts should be oiled and greased regularly. If this is neglected, many parts on your vehicle will erode quickly, which can be damaging as well as dangerous.

Inspect the Wheel Bearings

It is actually easy to look at your wheel bearings to make sure that they are clean and adequately packed. Your user’s manual can tell you how often they should be greased.

Park in the Shade

A cracked interior might seem like a cosmetic issue but it protects the mechanisms inside your car and should be treated as any other functional part of the car. Park in the shade and apply UV protectant to the interior to keep it from drying out.

Pay Attention to the Driveline

It is imperative that you inspect and grease the components in your driveline such as the u-joints. Because of its location in the vehicle, it may be best to work with a qualified mechanic to do this.

Protect Your Paint with Wax

Wax should be applied to your vehicle’s exterior every 6 months. This will protect the paint, and if your paint job is protected, you will avoid many problems with your vehicle rusting due to peeling paint.

Replace Your Brake Fluid

Your brake fluid attracts moisture, which can result in corroding components and eventual failure. It is recommended that you bleed the system entirely and replace the fluid once every year. For more tips on taking care of your car, see an experienced auto mechanic today.

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