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Repair Form Smyrna

I hereby authorize the above listed repair company to repair my vehicle based upon the estimate(s) written by GLA and/or my insurance company. I agree to allow your employees to operate the above referenced vehicle for purpose of repairing, testing, inspecting or delivering. Georgia Luxury Automotive, Inc. will not be held responsible for loss of damage to my vehicle or articles left in my vehicle in case of fire, theft, accident or any other cause. An express mechanic’s lien is acknowledged on the above vehicle to secure the amount of repairs. In the event that legal action is necessary to enforce this contract, I, the above listed customer, will pay reasonable attorney fees and court costs. The undersigned grants limited power of attorney to Georgia Luxury Automotive, Inc. for the purpose of endorsing insurance checks in the event that co-pay insurance checks and/or drafts is/are issued to the shop for repair of said vehicle.

I hereby authorize direct payment to be made to Georgia Luxury Automotive, Inc. by my insurance company for any repairs made to my vehicle.

We are unable to guarantee a completion date or time due to the complex nature of the repair process. Therefore, we do not accept any liability for rental fees that exceed your insurance company’s limits. I acknowledge that once I have been notified that my vehicle is complete, I will have 24 HOURS to pick up my vehicle. After this time, a storage fee of $25 per day will be charged and rental coverage will be my responsibility.

For your convenience, all rental vehicles are picked up and dropped off at GLA.
Estimates are written within 24/48 HRS (not including weekends or holidays) and you will receive a call from the Collision Repair Coordinator to go over your estimate, deductible, betterment, estimated completion date and any other pertinent information. (Please keep in mind the ECD is purely an estimated date that can change at any time due to vehicle parts availability).
Once your vehicle is complete, you will receive a call to arrange a scheduled time to pick up your vehicle (within 24hrs of completion).
For any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to our Collision Repair Coordinator, Tyler Kearns, at (770)431-0303.



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