Warning Signs That Your Car Needs Repair

When your car is in need of an auto repair, it will tell you. Your car is actually talking to you all of the time, but not everyone knows how to translate the language. If you notice any of the following things in your car, then you need to take it as a sign that you are in need of an auto repair very soon:

  • Leaking fluid: Oil, antifreeze, radiator fluid, or any other liquid leaking from your car is not a good thing. Cars are designed to keep these things in your car. If this is something you are noticing, then something has cracked, come loose, or is meeting a blockage somewhere.
  • Troubles between gears: This is obviously most easy to recognize if you drive a car with a manual transmission. That being said, you can feel a lag between gears shifting even in automatic transmission cars. Struggling to get from one gear to another is a big sign that your transmission needs some attention.
  • Lags in acceleration: There are a number of things that could cause this trouble, and none of them are good. Unless you are carrying an unusually heavy load or trying to climb an unusually steep hill, you should not feel anything unusual in your acceleration. If this begins to happen, you need to get the car looked at by some professionals as soon as possible.
  • Loud screeches: This is an interesting one as there are a number of very simple and benign things that could cause this, like a little oil or condensation on a belt. That being said, there are also a number of very dangerous things that could be causing the loud screeching. The bottom line is that your car should not be making that noise at all, so whether the problem is simple and easily fixed, or complicated and a nightmare to repair, you need to get the issue diagnosed.
  • Issues with starting: With cars being so common now, a lot of people tend to forget all the different parts and processes that have to come together to make a car run and go. If any one of the pieces of this very complicated puzzle get even slightly out of place, it can cause trouble when you start the car. Your vehicle may make strange sounds, take a little longer than usual, or need a few tries to get going in earnest. All of these are warning signs that your automobile needs some professional help as soon as possible.
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